Our Story


We have awakened the curiosity of those who encounter our pieces and products. Often, they want to know our secret or magic formula.

In fact, there is no secret at all!

It has been a knowledge acquired over more than 40 years, always and only in contact with this small wonder of nature, cork, still unknown to many. At a certain point, the bond is so strong that we no longer know if cork is a part of us or if we belong to it.

The answer can be summed up in a simple phrase…

Cork, a matter of love!​


Cork, strongly associated with cork stoppers, is a raw material of great nobility due to its natural characteristics.

We intend to reveal to the world the magnificent value of this natural resource in an increasingly sustainable world.


A visionary is defined as someone who sees and senses the potential of something and turns it into tangible results.

It is not an exaggeration to say that we consider ourselves visionaries because we recognize the extraordinary potential in using genuine cork, transforming it into astonishing works of art, enabling it to be passed down from generation to generation as an everlasting raw material.

“More and more cork has been in the news and, as is well known, it is extremely relevant in strengthening Portugal’s role abroad. Just consider that Portugal is the largest producer and processor of cork in the world. This reality, for me, gave birth to a dream. I have a dream. To position cork next to a diamond. A diamond is appreciated for its beauty and rarity. Cork is of transcendent beauty and its natural qualities elevate it to the highest level of rarity.

Cork presents the colors of luxury, the golden, the beige, and the dark brown. We will turn it into timeless pieces filled with sophistication and refinement.

Therefore, I will not give up this dream: To position cork next to a diamond…”



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