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The beauty of this piece precedes its manufacturing and dates back to the extraction of cork from the cork oak tree. When the tree is cut beyond the cork layer, it becomes permanently marked. This cut will later create a sort of air bubble, and that’s where the unique shape of the product originates.

This decorative piece represents the perfect fusion of timelessness, simplicity, and elegance.

Marlin serves multiple purposes, according to one’s desires and imagination; however, its shape allows it to adapt as a fruit bowl, storage for miscellaneous items, and more.

Genuine cork

Genuine cork is dust proof.

Do not fill the inside of the piece with liquids.

In case of liquid spillage, a dry cloth should be used for absorption.

It is not recommendable the usage of products with chemical substances.

White marble

Do not leave containers with liquids on the marble surface. In case they turn and are not cleaned at the time, the marble ends up stained.

When cleaning, use a cloth dampened with water

Use a chamois after cleaning to dry and polish the marble simultaneously.

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