About us

We have sparked curiosity of those who know or make contact with our products.

They often want to know our secret or magic formula. In fact, there is no secret!

It has been a knowledge of more than 40 years solely and exclusively in contact with cork, this little wonder of nature, still unknown to so many.                                                                                                              

At a certain time, this close involvement is so extraordinary that we no longer know if cork is part of us, or if we are the ones who belong to it.

The answer is simple...


     We are Sildel

For a project to be born and thrive, the presence of a committed, organized, motivated and insightful creator is mandatory.                                                                                                                              

This creates a connection between the project and who saw it being born.

In the case of Sildel, the creator is present in all aspects, starting with the brand name:

Sildel derives from Silva Adelina Isabel

     Sildel Logo 

The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is a species in danger of extinction. A part of it is sheltered in the "Serra da Malcata" Nature Reserve, located between the municipalities of Penamacor and Sabugal.

The phrase "We Think Cork" serves to illustrate Sildel´s love for cork and it's properties.

     Sildel´s Core

Sustainability: We do not cut down trees, we bring them to life.

Inimitability: Each piece is unique.

Loyalty: Genuine cork does not undergo any industrialization.

Differentiation: Her nature makes a mass strategy impossible.

Experience: With our experience, we enrich each piece.

Longevity: Genuine cork is eternal.