Lighting plays a crucial role in creating welcoming and sophisticated environments. As environmental awareness grows, we are increasingly seeking sustainable options that combine elegance, exclusivity, and timelessness. In this regard, Sildel presents an exclusive collection of lighting that combines exquisite design with a planet-friendly approach.
Sildel distinguishes itself by offering a variety of eco-friendly lighting pieces, each one carefully crafted with attention to detail. The standout material used in these creations is genuine cork, which is one of the richest and most sustainable raw materials in the world. This element, along with others sharing the same sustainable ideology, provides an unparalleled aesthetic, blending elegance and beauty with environmental responsibility.
The brand’s creations possess various unique and unrepeatable characteristics. We highlight the ability of certain pieces to emit direct or indirect light depending on their positioning; the naturalness and fluidity of the pieces when in contact with air currents; and the beauty of the light rays that pass through the natural “flaws” in the cork, creating a lighting style and ambiance that are more exclusive and refined.
When exploring Sildel’s sustainable lighting collection, you will find a diversity of styles, ranging from minimalist and modern illumination to classic and extravagant pieces. Each piece is exclusive in both its design and natural cork form, and carries with it a story of sustainability and innovation.

Let’s introduce some of Sildel’s most prominent products:

1. “Hot Spring” Lamp from the Hot Spring Collection: This lamp combines genuine cork with modern and minimalist lines. Its soft and diffused lighting creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. 

2. “Leaf” Lamp from the Leaf Collection: Inspired by nature, this lamp features cork details reminiscent of the elegant and organic shapes of leaves. The light gently shines through the cutouts, creating a charming effect.

3. “Shale” Lamp from the Shale Collection: This unique piece combines genuine cork with a rock-shaped base, bringing originality and sophistication to the environment. Its robust and textured appearance is a true style statement. Product link: “Shale”

4. “Crescent” Lamp from the Crescent Collection: With a peculiar and exotic design, this lamp presents cork shapes in a half-moon form. The light passes through the shapes, creating an immersive and unique ambiance. Product link: “Crescent”

By choosing a Sildel piece, you are investing in exclusive and superior-quality lighting that perfectly combines refinement and sustainability. Each piece is carefully crafted to transform your space into a unique and welcoming place while respecting the environment.
Discover the diversity of styles offered by Sildel and find the perfect piece for your sustainable luxury decor. Beauty and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand, and Sildel is the right choice for those seeking to combine sophistication, exclusivity, and sustainability in their spaces.